PAROS ISLAND & NAOUSSA2019-03-14T09:37:23+00:00

Naoussa, the second largest village of the island with the largest fishing fleet in the Cyclades, is on the north shore of the island and boasts beautiful Venetian architecture.

Today, the lovely and sheltered port is always filled with fishing boats and fisherman returning with fresh fish and seafood. Naoussa is one of the most beautiful fishing villages in Greece, and retains both its authentic island character and cosmopolitan glamour.
Today, the old warehouses formerly belonging to the fisherman have been turned into taverns, cafés and ouzo restaurants that serve fresh seafood. The cafés and bars create an atmosphere in the evening that attracts people from all over the island, who party until dawn.

Visitors venturing into the heart of Naxos will discover a network of narrow streets, whitewashed and bright, in accordance with the traditional Cycladic style that accentuates the culture of the island and harmoniously unifies the mansions and glory of the past with the modern present.

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